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    Presenter 7 hangs on AICC resume - core_lesson


      We are launching recorded webinar presentations with Presenter 7

      via an AICC compliant LMS.  The intitial launch and track works fine when the user views the presentations in their entirety.  However, if the user decides to close and then resume at a later time, the relaunch of the Presenter 7 courses hang (the swirling icon just spins and spins and the presentation never loads).


      From the AICC log files, I can see the Presenter 7 courses are returning [core_lesson] data for the LMS to store.  The LMS stores the data (e.g. 1A0000100000) as expected because I can view it in the database.  The LMS then makes the same core_lesson data available back to the Presenter 7 course as part of the GetParam call on the resume.  Since I can actually edit the AICC call back program in our LMS, if I conditionally suppress (make blank) the value for the [core_lesson] section for the Presenter 7 courses on resume, the courses launch fine and do not hang.  But if I let the LMS make the data available as expected, they hang up.


      I'm not sure what the core_lesson data contains, but some of these presentations are lengthy and if the core_lesson data contains a bookmark back to where the student left the presentation last time, it would be nice to have it working correctly.


      Any thoughts?