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    Filled in shapes on printouts


      When I print to an HP 5550 color laserjet, using Adobe Reader 9.1.0, shapes are filled in. The details:


      -     The pdf file was created by Autocad

      -     The "shapes" that are filled-in are hexagon, with numbers in them, to denote certain points on the drawing

      -     I'm using a PS driver

           -     When I use a PCL driver for the same printer, the printout prints fine

      -     I've used the HP C LJ PS driver to print to file, then pull it up with GSView; the file appears fine (the shapes are NOT filled in)

      -     When I print to a Xerox Phaser, the printout prints fine.


      Obviously, I have been able to get a printout, but I'm curious as to if there's a simple change that I can make to my driver, or a reasonable explanation.


      Thank you for any thoughts.