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    Video Filter missing: AE.keylight 906?

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      I am a complete noob when it comes to editing video in Adobe. I've been looking for a solution to my problem in other places, but my attempts were futile.


      Here's what I did:


      I edited a video clip in Adobe After Effects, dealt with the green screen using Keylight, then exported my work as an Adobe Premiere Pro Project. Once that was done, I tried opening the project in Premiere and a window popped up saying "Video Filter missing: AE.keylight 906." I clicked OK and found that Premiere does not show my edited green screen. It merely shows the original - I think I'm right in saying that is because the video filter is missing, as the message stated. How do I fix this? Help please!


      Thank you for your time.



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          Colin Brougham Level 6

          Keylight is an After Effects only filter/effect/plugin, and therefore will not make the trip from AE to Premiere in the way you are working. Either render a finished movie from After Effects, or if you have Dynamic Link (either Production Premium or the Master Collection is required for this), just drag the AE comp from AE into Premiere; the effect will be preserved then.


          You could also explore the Ultra key effect in Premiere; it's a basic but rather effective chromakey plugin included with CS5. Your workflow is a little backward, too; usually, you'd start by editing in Premiere, move to AE for effects work, and then either render out from AE to your final file, or render to something for Premiere. Any particular reason you're working in the manner you are?

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            Mr. Brougham, thank you so much for the response. Your reply was very informative and helpful. I'm really excited about working with Adobe and am glad to see that after following your advice, I was able to get my edited work from AE into Premiere.


            In regards to my work flow, I had read elsewhere (perhaps I misunderstood) that if I edit in Premiere, I could lose some of my editing when I move my project to AE. So I opted to first edit in AE, then work in Premiere. Hearing my techinique is not normal, I will give the usual way a try.


            Also, merely out of curiousity, I took my work from AE into Premiere so I could export and see how that goes when the exported file plays in Windows Media Player. I noticed two things regarding the footage I edited in AE: 1. When I play it in Premiere, it plays very choppy. and 2. It when I export it and play it in Windows Media Player, it plays smoothly.


            Would you happen to know why it plays choppy in Premiere? We came across that same choppiness when we import and play hundreds of pictures for a stop motion animation in Premiere.


            Perhaps I should also note that prior to editing in AE, the original footage did play smoothly in Premiere.


            Thank you sir for you time.



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              Oops. Forgot to mark this thread as answered.

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                Colin Brougham Level 6

                My guess for the choppiness would be that you used the default uncompressed render settings from After Effects; this likely made a very large file that, unless you have a really stout and fast hard drive setup (e.g. RAID), you will not get real time playback. Uncompressed is good in that, well, it's uncompressed and therefore doesn't add any further image degradation, but it can make for a lousy editing experience, as you've found.


                Depending on what your source footage is (you didn't mention this originally), and what your intended destination/delivery format is, you might be able to use different render/export settings from After Effects for a more playable file in Premiere. Later, you could rerender the composition to the uncompressed version and replace the original; this will give you better performance for further editing in Premiere, and then later will give you higher quality output. This is often referred to as proxy editing, and there are a couple of ways you can go about this, if it's something you want to attempt.


                Regarding the loss of edits when moving from Premiere: there shouldn't be any loss of edit points, necessarily, but what you might be thinking of is the loss of transitions. Since Premiere Pro works with tracks and After Effects works with layers, the two programs have different methods of representing and creating transitions (e.g. dissolves). In Premiere, you can put two clips next to each other in the sequence on a single track, and add a dissolve between them; however, in After Effects, a layer can only contain one footage item, so to create a transition between two layers, they must overlap. There are analogs for certain transitions--a dissolve, for example, is just a change in opacity of one layer that is over another--but other more "fancy" transitions must be recreated more manually. In short, you shouldn't have to worry about the timing of your edit in Premiere changing when moving to After Effects, whether you use Dynamic Link or whether you simply copy and paste from Premiere into AE.


                Hope that helps a bit more. And Mr. Brougham is my dad's name

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                  Hope that helps a bit more. And Mr. Brougham is my dad's name



                  That makes you Master Brougham

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                    This is great! Thank you, thank you so much for taking the time to help me out. You don't know how much I appreciate your kindness. I'm excited about what I have learned so far this week, and can't wait to learn more as I play around with CS5 Production Premium.


                    I will definitely look into RAID.


                    Thanks again,