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    RELINK ISSUES- sorry new post


      I feel that this

      needs to be another Post, Sorry for kind of double posting,


      After I relinked all my shots from 1 Hard drive to another,

      I found a few Isuues(questions)


      1. Why did all my frame rates go to 29.976 when they were 23.976?

      I had to change them back


      2. Why did my PREVIEW RENDERS all disappear?

      For example, I Previewed rendered my entire timeline (green bar on top)

      Now that I relinked, I have a yellow bar, why?


      Is there a way to "relink" my previews?

      I tried moving my Path in SCRATCH DISKS. It said SAME A PROJECT, so I changed it to the folder that had all the previews in them.

      I restarted the program, but no luck.