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    Basic Math - Reverse Scroll - Please help

      This should be a simple one, but the math is boggling my poor brain. The worst part is I know it is simple High School math. But its geting blurry the more I look at it.

      I think there should be a simple math equation to make a reverse scroller for an image gallery.I have removed the paths to make this easier to look at.

      Image gallery is nested in a MC called Thumb_Slide. It has a variable size.

      I have a dragable MC slider to the left called dv, its range is -255 top to -150 bottom.

      This is wrong, but I am using:
      onEnterFrame = function(){
      Tall = Thumb_Slide._height;
      current = dv._y;
      //Thumb_Slide._y = ((current / _root.Tall) * 10;

      I thought it should be x = (dv._y *155)/heightofGallery but that doesnt work.

      Both of these create a situation where when the slider goes down, the gallery goes down. I want the gallery to go up. And the numbers are off.

      Any mathmatician who could help woud be appreciated.