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    Watery Animated Brush Effect?


      Hi: I posted this on the AE Facebook page and they suggested I repost it here.


      I would like to learn the effect I see in many motion graphics projects lately that looks like a moving (animated), smokey, watercolor line, with flowing splatters that look like they're generated with particle fx of some kind, and the whole thing is kind of translucent--I know you must have seen it. I have AE and Trapcode Suite (which I thought would have something I could use for this, and maybe it does?).


      I've seen this effect in a lot of high end motion graphics projects lately, as a transition, an art element, or even, in one case, an interactive "response" to web cursor moves. I don't need to know how to do the latter--or any Flash interactive tricks. Just want to be able to produce this kind of animated watery/smokey stroke. It's definitely not a simple "write on" effect, as the lines and splatters are very organic-looking and flowing, which is why I suspect a particle tool of some kind.


      Any ideas? Thank you!!