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    Importing Flash into DW

    monkeypunk3000 Level 1
      I've got a looping swf and I can't figure out why...

      I've got a flash animation loaded into a DW page (index). The Flash swf has an action at the end that should link immediately to a main menu .swf. But in DW, the initial swf just loops continuously and won't load the next swf. And it does it when I load it to my server...


      The action works fine in Flash when I test it but when I import it into DW, all hell breaks loose. I'm sure I'm missing something obvious but I can't figure it out. And yes, I disabled the looping parameters in both Flash and DW as far as I can tell.

      I'm about to start drinking heavily so if anyone can help me, I might be able to end the day in a somewhat productive state!