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    Modifying Existing Flash Action Scipt Flash Site


      I have an existing flash site denominated with the name StudioDesign and its a basic animated site with masks and animated texts and sounds and texts treated as buttons that animate changing colors and moving left and right.  It has the usual basic 5 buttons to go to get URls:  Home, About Us, Products, Services and Contacts buttons.  I would like to add more text buttons but to no avail.. Tried copying duplicating, making new, backwards engineering and could not make it work.  Please Help    short time left to finish.     Original Site: http://www.shoplaspampas.com/flashsite/index.swf

      original flash file http://www.shoplaspampas.com/flashsite/index.fla  new revised swf: http://www.shoplaspampas.com/flashsite/pampas_01.swf and the new revised flash file http://www.shoplaspampas.com/flashsite/pampas_01.fla.

      This is what I want the site to look like and go to respective url pages:  http://www.shoplaspampas.com/flashsite/pampas_01.png.