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    links to popups are blank; missing topics RH


      I am working locally, and recently upgraded from RH6 to R8.0.2.208.


      When I click on the hyperlinks in output view, as well as the "quick" view, some of the scrolling popup windows are totally appear totally blank windows, or the text that had the "bookmark" is missing, but the text below appears. Also the scrollbars on the pop-up are not visible..the window is positioned too far to the right. I am using RoboHelp HTML, with the WebHelp Single Sourve output, with no version control.


      Also, I have a folder with over 100 topics, in numerical order. When viewed the HTML for one of the topics, all of the topics in the folder were then out of order, and some of them are now missing from the folder. They are in the TOC, and luckily those links still work.


      I keep seeing discussions on some of these problems that mention a patch...but I am already working in the version that is supposed to have these issues resolved. Can someone please help?