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    Does Web pro support Visio documents

      is there anyway to import visio documents directly into my Webpro project?

      Please be kind...i'm a newbie

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          RoboColum(n) Level 5
          Hi CrystalKirk. You can save your visio file in a number of different file formats which can then be imported but you can't import the visio file itself AFAIK unless the Pro version is different from the "unprofessional" version I use.
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            CrystalKirk Level 1
            Thanks for your quick reply. Could you tell me the best way to re-format my visio document? would the same apply for word?

            Cheers - Crystal
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              RoboColum(n) Level 5
              Hi Crystal. When you come to save your visio file, click in the "Save as Type" dialog that allows you to specify a file format. Pick the one you want which changes the .VSD file extension. As far as Word documents are concerned, you can import them as is but there are issues to be aware of. But fear not! Thankfully my good friend Peter Griange's site has some excellent help in this area. Click here for details of how best to import word documents into RH.
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                Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
                Hi all

                Colum, I agree that Peter's site is the best for anything "Word" related. (Shudder and perish the thought of using Word!)

                However, there remains something in this thread that needs a definite clarification. CrystalKirk says she is using a "Webpro" project (which I am assuming means WebHelp Pro output) but it's unclear as to whether her company simply purchased RoboHelp Office Professional and are really only wanting generic WebHelp ouptut, or if they are truly using all the features offered by the Professional version. This would mean they installed RoboEngine on a server and are truly publishing in a WebHelp Pro format to the RoboEngine.

                If the RoboEngine is really in the picture, Word documents can be placed on the server where the RoboEngine can find them. Then searching will also search the content of the same Word documents. (I'm thinking it won't understand Visio documents)

                My reason for doubting any of this "WebHelp Pro" stuff is that it's quite common to see a new user gravitate toward WebHelp Pro, when they aren't even using RoboEngine. Without RoboEngine, WebHelp Pro output is as useless as pouring kernels of corn in your gas tank and expecting your car to run.

                Cheers all... Rick
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                  CrystalKirk Level 1

                  Thank you very myuch for pointing this out. One of the questions i have been pondering (and have posted seperately on this formum but have yet to receive any responses) is which platform (or project) should i really be using. When starting out it is a little confusing as to which application i should be using and why (the demo lists about 7 choices and several of them are compatible with our centre).

                  My company is still in the process of installing the program onto our server (we purchased Robohelp Office Pro X5) and i have yet to see what it's capible of so in the mean time i have been attempting to use the Robohelp Demo.

                  Any thoughts on which program i should be using? Most of the documents we want to host on this application for our call centre are word and Visio but can be re-named is required.

                  Thanks again Rick
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                    Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
                    Hi again CrystalKirk

                    Ahhh, it sounds like you are using the "RoboHelp Starter" application. As I recall, when you examine each option listed there it outlines what each project is capable of. So I'm going to hazard a guess here and assume you have examined each type listed and are still confused for some reason.

                    When you purchase RoboHelp Office (regardless of whether it's the "Pro" version or not) you have the ability to use either RoboHelp for Word or RoboHelp HTML. RoboHelp began life back around 1989 or 1990 as a "Word add on" that facilitated creating documents that would be used to later create WinHelp help files. This format has a file extension of .HLP and was predominantly used in Windows 3.1, Windows for Workgroups, Windows 95.

                    Then Windows 98 came along and introduced the .CHM format. This one is HTML based. As you might imagine, help authoring tools adapted to create the new format. Word produces awful HTML, so folks used dedicated HTML editors. RoboHelp HTML was also created in order to create HTML Help (.CHM format) files.

                    I'd say that the answer as to which environment to use will depend on your output format. Unless you are only going to be creating WinHelp (.HLP format) files, I'd suggest using RoboHelp HTML.

                    Now for the output type. You seemed to confirm that you do indeed have RoboHelp Office Professional. This package should include the RoboEngine. But here another quagmire can exist. It's not uncommon at all for a company to purchase this simply because it's "the best". I have no clue as to whether needs were assessed first and the pro version was selected as a result or whether sales simply talked your management into the pro version because it's the top of the line model. So the question remains, are you actually planning on exploiting the capabilities of the RoboEngine? If so, you are addiing a layer of complexity to your help system. If you are using generic WebHelp, you simply have more at your disposal than you will really use.

                    Hopefully this helps... Rick
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                      CrystalKirk Level 1
                      This is very informative and helpful and i want to start off by saying thanks for all of this.

                      Let me ask you this then...if you simply wanted a simple application for approximately 200 reps within a Call Centre to have referance material, processes etc at their finger tips while handling customer calls and the documents are primarily work, excel and visio which tool would you use (both front and back end - if that makes sense)? I believe the 2 main reason we purshased Robohelp was to allow us to manage and maintain our own document library instead of having to use our IT resourses to do so as well as building a easier and more user friendly (intuitive) tool than we have today (which is currently a HTML website built in house).

                      In the meantime i have asked our technical department a few questions based on your last response.

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                        RoboWizard Level 4
                        Hi again Crystal

                        Wow, are you ever near and dear to my heart! I say this because what you are doing is exactly what got me started in using RoboHelp! I too worked in a call center of a very similar size. For me, I ended up using basic WebHelp. I wanted to go the WebHelp Pro route, but the IT area where I worked shot it down dead. (How dare I even consider asking them to install RoboEngine on their precious Intranet servers? Why I could crash the whole thing!)

                        Long story short, I'm not seeing where you will gain a huge benefit from RoboEngine. I doubt seriously if it will understand how to index the Visio content. So if I were in your shoes, I'd stick with generic WebHelp output. I'd probably also use Colum's suggestion of exporting Visio to a format RoboHelp will understand, such as .JPG or .GIF. I would also either import Word content so it becomes HTML documents or possibly link directly to the Word documents so they opened up in either Word or the browser when clicked. Personally, I much prefer to create HTML topics of what the Word docs had. But that's just me.

                        Hopefully this helps a bit... Rick
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                          HKabaker Level 2
                          Is Visio available to your users?

                          I'm not familiar with .VSD documents, but couldn't the browser and/or the Windows "Folder Preferences" have a flag to launch Visio to open them? That's how, for example, Acrobat Reader is invoked for .PDF files.

                          Just asking.