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    Panel not scrolling to show overflow

    Handycam Level 1
      I have a panel in my app (layout vertical, vertical gap 0) that's has about 15-20 text elements in it. These are mapped to variables, and as you use the app their values are set accordingly.

      My problem is, when they fill up with text deeper than the panel height, the panel does not scroll for you to see the ones at the bottom that no longer fit -- so you can't read them all. This is confusing to me. Any ideas? I have tried explicitly setting the verticalScrollPolicy to "on", and all I get is an empty scrollbar track, still no scrolling.

      Here's some of the code:

      <mx:Panel x="561" y="10" width="225" height="95%" id="ingredPanel" title="My Ingredients"
      styleName="myIngredients" layout="vertical" verticalGap="0">
      <mx:Text styleName="listLabel" id="l1" width="100%"/>
      <mx:Text styleName="listText" id="t1" width="100%" selectable="false" text="Nothing selected" />
      <mx:Text styleName="listLabel" id="l2" width="100%"/>
      <mx:Text styleName="listText" id="t2" width="100%" selectable="false" text="Nothing selected" />
      <mx:Text styleName="listLabel" id="l3" width="100%"/>
      <mx:Text styleName="listText" id="t3" width="100%" selectable="false" text="Nothing selected" />