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    LrExportMenuItems = { title = 'My &Plugin', file = 'somefile.lua' }


      In adobe Guide we can see :


      In Windows, the title string can include an ampersand (&) character in the name to make the following
      character a keyboard shortcut or accelerator that invokes that item. (This feature is not available in Mac OS;
      on that platform, the & character is automatically removed if present.)
      For example, suppose the table returned by your Info.lua file contains this item:
      LrExportMenuItems = { title = 'My &Plugin', file = 'somefile.lua' }
      This would create a command in the File > Plug-in Extras menu with the label “My Plugin”. The command
      would execute the script found in somefile.lua.


      I have windows XP, i make several test and .... no shortcut, any idea