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    Issue with Premiere Pro - Encore CS5 - hanging and not quitting




      I am having depressing trouble with CS5 PP and EN and I would be grateful for advice please:


      I have a modest size PP project (PAL DV), and up until recently had no issues with dynamic linking sequences to a draft encore project containing a few extras including a video menu and an intro.


      For the last few days I have had the following problems:


      Encore project starts to look at transcoding at start up but never ever completes

      Premiere pro project sequences are no longer visible in encore dynamic link dialogue box for new projects

      Premiere Pro will not quit without forcing a quit (I am on a MacBook Pro - pretty new, mod high spec)


      This followed a failed attempt at a build from encore of the whole project that I had to abort - it just got stuck transcoding (many hours - no progress on progress bar)


      I have since tried to update CS5. All updated fine but initially it asked me to close PP which I couldn't and it said Abode QT32 server and PhotoshopServer were running. I had to reboot and reload manager which then said update for PP failed.


      I cannot do anything useful with the project now, although making changes to PP project itself are all normal. I can open new but not old EN projects...


      Any ideas????