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    Can I change the location of the TOC file?

    TWRob Level 1



      In Robohelp (I have RH HTML v.8.02.208), it is easy enough to add a table of contents to a project; however, it seems that a RH TOC can only exist in the root directory. Is there a way around this?


      My motivation stems from some autogenerated material (using Doxygen) that I add to one of my Robohelp projects. Because I would like to separate this Doxygen material from other files in the Robohelp project, I want to generate it to a subfolder "Doxy". I would like to use the Doxygen-generated HHC file in my project's TOC using the Insert TOC Placeholder, but this feature only accesses HHC files found in the root folder. If I were to move the HHC file from 'Doxy' to the root folder then I would also have to move all the HTMLs along with it to avoid breaking links...then I am stuck with the messy root folder I was trying to avoid.  

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          RoboColum(n) Level 5

          Unfortunately TOC files can only exist in the root folder. As a workaround to your messy root folder, how about added a "doxy" prefix to the relevant topics to make this easily identifiable. Also you may want to submit a feature request to Adobe. You can do so here.

            The RoboColum(n)   @robocolumn   Colum McAndrew
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            TWRob Level 1

            Thanks Colum.


            Not the answer I wanted, but confirmation at least of what I'll have to do with this system.


            On a side note, how responsive do you find Adobe to be to feature requests? For bug fixes, that is identified and confirmed issues of the product not working as its documentation says it is supposed to, they have a very poor track record with me. My company logged a bug some six months ago and while it was recognized and confirmed, after demonstrating it to them four separate times, the promise is only that they may have it fixed for the next release. I don't know when the next release is, but we are most definitely not going to buy it. However, if you know they are more responsive to feature requests, maybe I should try that. :-)

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              RoboColum(n) Level 5

              To be honest software development is a numbers game. Adobe are no different in this respect. If they have time to code two bug fixes but one has been reported once and the other ten times, guess which one gets fixed? By reporting bugs and asking for feature requests there can be no guarentee of getting it fixed or implemented. This is why I always encourage people to report bugs and feature requests. The more people that do, the greater chance there is that they are dealt with. I have seen many bugs fixed and feature requests added that I have reported so it is definitely worth doing. As for when another RoboHelp release will be, only Adobe can answer that.


                The RoboColum(n)   @robocolumn   Colum McAndrew
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                Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                Hi TWRob


                From what I understand these requests and bugs are added to a database. Each request or bug is actually viewed by the product team. But the liklihood of seeing a request implemented or a bug addressed is weighted. The general factors in weighting are typically:


                • How many folks are reporting the issue or making the request?
                • How severe is the bug?


                There are probably other factors as well. I'm just drawing a blank at the moment.


                So it really does come down to a numbers game. That's why it's so crucial that we get as many folks asking Adobe about the same issue as we can. They use these to prioritize features and bug fixes.


                Of course Adobe is like any other software company. By saying that, I mean that they really hope they ship something that is functional and bug free. But I'm sure we all know that this is really a pipe dream. There will always be undocumented features that weren't expected. Try as everyone might, there is no way to test every conceivable scenario.


                I'd say the bottom line here is "don't bate your breath in anticipation of a fast turnaround". That would likely only happen if someone were on the trailing edige of requesting a bug fix or feature that was just about to be released anyway. The folks at Adobe do a nice job of listening, but they are bound by other constraints that we are likely totally unaware of.


                Cheers... Rick


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