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    help! web page plays swf locally, but doesn't work on web server


      Okay, so I exported my interactive portfolio from Catalyst using deploy-to-web, and added the resulting swf to an html page in my website. The swf played just fine when I tested my site locally, however when I uploaded everything to my web host, the swf doesn't play. I tried it on my comp - Win7 64-bit - and on a WinXP 32-bit comp, in both IE and Firefox, and it didn't work on any of them. Sometimes it starts to load in IE, but gets hung and says "Done, but with errors on page" down in the bottom left corner of the browser. Firefox will sometimes say "reading fpdownload.adobe.com" but not actually do anything.


      Why would it play fine when stored on my computer, but not from the web server? I've checked for obvious things like missing files, but haven't found any. It is the same exact pages and files, and same folder structure as it is on my comp. The page in question is www.creativegemdesigns.com/portfolio.htm


      Please help!