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    Controlling volume in 1 frame FLV

      Hi everyone,

      I need some help with controlling the volume in a 1 frame flv. The FLV is 14 minutes in length and I would like to fade out the last 4 seconds of the audio.

      Any help would be greatly appreciated
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          funkysoul Level 4
          First of all you need a function that fades down the volume of the flv.
          Second you need a second function which checks at which the position the flv is and checks back with the totaltime - 4 seconds of it, therefore you need to create a setInterval that checks every xxxms if the playhead reached the desired position and if yes, it should run the first function.

          function fadeOut(){
          //your fading code;

          function timerCheck(){
          if(FLVPlayback.playHeadTime > FLVPlayback.totalTime-4){

          setInterval(timerCheck, 100);

          That should work out
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            msungho Level 1
            Sorry quick question.

            What do I put in between {} on the first function where you have notated //your fading code...or do I leave it blank

            Thanks for your help