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    Problem with "Basic" Brush Preset


      I have a problem witht he Brush Tool that I can't seem to resolve using Adobe Illustrator CS5


      I cannot use the "Basic" preset for the Brush Tool. When selecting "Basic" in the Brush Tool Panel and then attempting to use the Brush Tool it automatically switches from "Basic" to whatever setting I last used. E.G. If I  try to switch from a Bristle Brush to the "Basic" setting it shows as being "Basic" until I use the Paint Brush where it then switches to Bristle Brush.


      I can change the path to "Basic" after that point but it is cumbersome and time consuming to have to change it every time. Can anyone help with this? I've attatched images of the issue below:





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          [scott] Level 6

          Appearance Panel Menu. Make certain "New Art Has Basic Appearance" is selected.


          Does the problem still exist?

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            NiMexicatl5 Level 1

            Thanks for the reply. Unfortunately the problem still exists . At one point I was able to remove all other brushes from the panels leaving only the Basic setting. When I tried to use the brush then it gave me the circle with a line through it icon, indicating that I can't use the paint tool. I've tried restarting and starting new projects.

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              [scott] Level 6

              Okay I think it's merely a matter of understanding what the "Basic" brush is for.


              The "Basic" setting is not a brush. It's essentially the same as the Brush Panel menu item "Remove Brush Stroke". Therefore you can't paint with the "Basic" brush. But if you select a path with a brush stroke applied to it, then choose "Basic" from either the Control Bar or the Brushes Panel, the current applied brush stroke will be removed.


              Essentially, if you are using the Brush Tool Illustrator, rightfully, assumes you want to add a brush stroke. Since "Basic" contains no brush stroke, the tool reverts to the last used Brush.

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                NiMexicatl5 Level 1

                Ok so lets say I were to apply the "Basic" setting to a stoke I made with the Brush Tool. That would essentially be the same thing as using the Pencil tool intially correct? I don't know why it took so long for me to get something so basic lol....Thank you for your help, I've only dealt lightly in Illustrator I primarily use Photoshop in my line of work.

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                  [scott] Level 6

                  Correct. Clicking "Basic" removes all brush strokes leaving a stroked path that could easily be created with the Pencil Tool.