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    Gradient Mesh Help


      I like the idea of the tool, but whenever I could really use apply it, it seems I mess with it way too much.

      My particular problem at the moment is shading a kind of boomerang shape...like the sun was hitting it from the top.

      I draw the boomerang shape and when i click inside of it with the gradient mesh tool it to creat a first division of the gradient i get some whacked out lines that are nearly impossible to edit and smooth out.


      Is there any advice about creating the mesh or good tutorials about creating it in a complex shape?

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          Wade_Zimmerman Level 6

          We all just sort of learnt this technique a few days a go.


          Draw you boomerang shape and select with the direct select tool the four most outer anchor points like such


          Screen shot 2010-09-30 at 12.03.40 AM.png


          Then go to Object>Create Gradient Mesh and enter your desired divisions like such


          Screen shot 2010-09-30 at 12.06.46 AM.png


          then make sure you have the fill select on the color proxy. Add your colors.


          Screen shot 2010-09-30 at 12.02.16 AM.png