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    After Effects CS3 - 8.0.2 Update not working


      Hi all,


      I posted this question in the CS3 general forum as well, but I figured I would post it here to see if I got any more responses.


      I am trying  to update my After Effects CS3 to 8.0.2, but the updater keeps telling  me that "the updater is unable to locate the product to be updated."


      I  had heard that it is possible to fix this issue by going into the  contents of the RIBSWrapper (into the Resources folder) and editing the  file "config.xml" to show the correct file path for After Effects.


      However,  I am not sure if this will work, or how exactly to edit the XML.  When I  open the XML to edit, I see two possible places to amend the patch,  both under the heading "Product Data."


      One is labelled  "AMTFilePath," and contains "[INSTALLDIR]/Adobe After Effects CS3/Adobe  After Effects CS3.app/Contents/Resources/AMT/application.xml".


      The  other is under the subsection "Path List," under the "Path" heading,  and contains "[AdobeProgramFiles]".


      I have three  questions.


      1) Am I going about this the right way?


      2)  If so, which section of the XML should I edit?


      3) What  should I change it to?  My After Effects file is located in the  Macintosh HD/Applications/Adobe After Effects CS3/Adobe After Effects  CS3.app


      I should probably note that I did not install  After Effects along with the rest of my CS3 programs, but installed it  at a later date.


      Thanks in advance!

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          Your caps.db is tainted by anotehr install and thus producing invalid product IDs. Short of reinstalling everything from scratch (inclusding deleting the caps.db), there is no way to fix this issue. This is not related to the installer package, but the software already on your system. If you don't need any of the specific fixes in the 8.0.2 update, you can live happily with your current AE and postpone the inevitable....