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    Adobe No Longer Sells/Supports Flashpaper products?!


      My company recently purchased the CS5 suite for me and I noticed that Flashpaper

      was missing from the products that installed unlike the older version I was using.


      I called Adobe and asked them about it and said they no longer support / bundle / sell Adobe Flashpaper!! WHAT? I couldn't believe it and asked again just to be sure and she absolutely refused to sell me flashpaper and no longer supports it.


      Ok, if you no longer sell Flashpaper, what is this???




      Seriously, am I missing something here guys or did this rep (From India it sounded like) didn't know squat about Adobe's products?


      We just plunked down a good $1,000+ with you guys for the CS5 suite, why wouldn't you want to sell us another product we're interested in!?


      I think i'll go use another product I found that converts PDF to Flashpaper type format, seems they want my money if you don't.

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          This is NOT true,although alot of sales reps don't know what Flashpaper is, and since it still has a Macromedia name alot of reps think it was discontinued. Absoluteley we sell it in our Volume Licensing division 1-800-443-8158. Make sure the rep or you search for it, the licensing site is alphabetical and its under M for Macromedia. As far as support goes I don't know if the Tech Team still supports it.