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    Flex 3, I thought there was a memory leak, but ...


      My system runs on Windows 7, and I'm using Flex Builder 3, and the browser I am using is Internet Explorer 8.


      For a while now, I noticed that the longer I used Flex Builder 3, my system starts degrading in performance, and the memory I have keeps diminishing. I thought it was a memory leak, but I found out the problem.


      Many times, when I go into Debug mode with Flex Builder 3, and I sooner or later have to abort the debug session. I end my debug sessions in one of two ways -- by clicking the red square icon within Flex Builder which closes the browser instance MOST of the time, or sometimes I just click the X button on the upper right corner of Internet Explorer.


      One day, I was going to call it a day and happened to pull up Windows' Task Manager, and I was surprised to see about 20 iexplorer.exe processes that were still running in the background! I started ending those processes, and my system's performance began to come back to normal, and so did my memory.


      Since a typical day for me is debugging my Flex application, I'd have to assume this was caused by Flex Builder 3, i.e., that it's somehow not ending the browser instance properly. Any of you encountered the same issue? If so, is there anything anyone can advise me on how to correct this?