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    Displaying PDF in IE with restrictions




      My project requires me to display a pdf in the browser and not allow the user to save this pdf. I have implemented this using an iFrame. I have hidden the adobe toolbars on initial view, have disabled right click on the page and have added an iFrame on the top portion of the pdf, so that the adobe toolbars are hidden by this iFrame even if the user unhides the toolbar by pressing F8.


      Now the problem occures with Adobe 7 client. Because with Adobe 7, the pdf always opens up in the adobe application instead of the IE browser. I tried some code to find the version of adobe on client machine but with this code, I can only find if the adobe version is 7 or above. It does'nt tell me if the version is 7/8/9/etc I have even tried Adobe javascript but I am facing problems with that too.


      Any pointers on how to overcome this problem with Adobe 7?