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    Using UI Automation Framework to interact with Flex applications

    dsailesh Level 1

      Hi all,


      I created a small flash app using Flex builder 4.

      I am writing a tool to interact with flash applications using UI Automation Framework which is similar to UI Spy. I've read in so many forums that accessibility can be done using UI Automation or MSAA.


      Using the tool, I am able to get all the fields that are present in the application. (button, text, edit fields etc). Now, I want to use InvokePattern on buttons from my tool so that, if I click "Invoke" in my tool, the associated button will be clicked in the flash app. Here, I find no issues to do anything.


      But, if there is a textinput field on the flash application and I use ValuePattern of UI Automation to set some value in the field using SetValue(), then I am getting




      even when I tried simple SetFocus() on to that field, I am getting the same exception Looks like, I cannot interact with flash text fields in the same way I do with other window's fields.


      I used UISpy and other tools to see if they are doing any better with setting values on a text field. But, they too failed with same exception.


      Can someone tell me why this is failing? Does flex/flash support UI Automation to this extent? Are there any examples or links that can help me here?