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    Problem with missing jpg's in render file




      I'm new to After Effects, but am doing a fairly simple project using photos and 3D space. It's essentially a more sophisticated slide show that I'd like to put on the web. Basis is a number of jpg's with various transitions and some light camera movement.


      It looks great when I do a RAM preview, but when I render it, I lose all of the jpg's and am left with the text I put in and a couple .mov files which still play. Any idea why I would lose all of the jpg's and associated transitions? I tried putting the render file into Sorenson Squeeze to see if it's just a playback glitch, but the issue remains.


      I'm using After Effects CS3 and rendered with default Best Settings and Lossless. File is 8GB and supposed to be around 00:04:30:00 long.


      Any thoughts would be much appreciated. Thanks.