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    Hit Test Fails To Close Menu

    SymTsb Level 2
      Problem solved. If anyone is interested, I built a basic XML Menu based on Adobe's sample. It's available here


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      I'm at a dead stop. Posted on this earlier but the post has already managed to lose itself in the cracks. Rather than try to explain what is happening in a lot of detail....


      Rolling over a menu header should open a submenu (assuming it has one). Rolling outside the area of the menu, should close it (see the attached class file down below). This does work if I rollover "Seniors" and then move over Children or later in the menu. It doesn't work if I rollover any of the other menu options at all. If anyone David, kglad, someone with a bit more AS3 experience than me could look over this and see what you find. The problem is usually something microscopic but I'm near my own boiling point with this (probably because I'm so close to getting it finished).