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    Looping issues




      Note: I also posted this in the general discussions by mistake.


      When I update the media/resource of the MediaPlayer (in a MediaPlayerSprite) the looping stops working. This is what I use:


      _resource = new URLResource(src)


      _player.media = new VideoElement(_resource);


      even if I add _player.mediaPlayer.loop = true it stops working when a second video is loaded. The initial video loops. It's only when I load other videos in the player that it stops looping. There are two work arounds I manage to test/implement:


      1- listen to the TimeEvent.COMPLETE and manually rewind and play the video (there's a visible pause)

      2- reset the player when a new video is requested using _player = new MediaPlayerSprite(); and starting with a fresh instance.


      None of these are ideal but at least #2 ensure smooth looping. I am using the latest download available from the site, code in FB but compiled in Flash CS5 (AIR 2.0).


      Any help welcome.