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    MPG-4/H.264 Sequencer preset?


      Hi guys, what I hope is a quick question here..


      I'm editing some supplied news footage for a non-profit org for uploading to youtube. I'm new to Premiere(great program, so far, wow..), and I'm hitting a snag on matching up a proper sequencer preset with the provided media, resulting in mismatched video scales.


      These are the specs for the video I'm being sent:


      video res: 640x480 (4:3), or 640x360(16:9)


      video format: H.264 @ 1.4Mbit/sec or MPEG-4 @ 2.4 Mbit/sec


      audio: AAC, 48khz, 128 kbit/sec


      I'm trying my damndest to match this up with a seq preset and not getting it right for some reason. I see no presets for MPG-4 or H.264.


      What am I doing wrong here? Any help is greatly appreciated. I've got 8 videos I need to edit this evening and my exports are incorrectly proportioned..