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    passing swf data to lingo




      We have an Arabic educational application  published originally as projector for desktop use. Since Director don't  support “right to left” languages, the application uses an ActivX  component to call external encoded html and load it into a textarea  container, in this way the Arabic language can be written and redden.


      We  are up to make this application to work on the web as shockwave movie.  We have published  it as dcr file and compressed all medias successfully  but we have an error that comes in the preloading time that say :"  ActiveX field to initialize or missing"/ i  understand dcr cannot use ActiveX becuase the browser wont let this  ActiveX file to be installed for security reasons.


      as i been adviced here, i used flash movie as a spirite ,   it  seems ok, i also can write  text and no errors but now im facing the other problem. the   typed words sould be passed to   lingo, for example there is a " speed  typing" test which  checks if all the typed words are correct.


      the application uses:


      sprite(120).navigate(the  moviePath & "assets\t.html")


      to load the html into the  textarea and uses and :


      on hideQuitDialog me
        if the frame  > 45 then
          mySprite.locV = 485
          mySprite.puppet = 0
           mySprite.navigate("Javascript: focusText()")
        end if


      to  get some javascript from the html.


      now that i use swf  as  the input container what  code i can use so the characters being typed on the swf textarea  also can be sent to the lingo script?