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    passing swf data to lingo


      i have imported a swf textarea and it  seems ok, i also can write  text and no errors but now im facing the other problem. the words been  typed sent to the script to be proceeds, for example there is a speed  typing test that check if all the typed words are correct.


      in  the original the application uses:


      sprite(120).navigate(the  moviePath & "assets\t.html")



      to load the html into the  textarea and uses and :


      on hideQuitDialog me
        if the frame  > 45 then
          mySprite.locV = 485
          mySprite.puppet = 0
           mySprite.navigate("Javascript: focusText()")
        end if


      to  get some javascript from the html.


      now that i use swf  as  the input container what  code i can use so the characters being type  also can be send to Lingo?




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          Sean_Wilson Adobe Community Professional

          There's no need to ask the same question more than once.


          Try putting a reference to the Flash sprite into Director's Object Inspector while the movie is running and looping over/on a series of frames that contain the Flash sprite. For example, if the TextArea is in sprite 10 then enter


          into the OI and drill down to examine properties and methods. If your TextArea has an instance name of 'textarea' then you might grab the text by accessing


          but I'm suggesting you use the Object Inspector to confirm this.