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      File>New> Title>ok to name the title.

      what is the purpose of the frame with the centre markers in the "Title" window?

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          Powered by Design Level 4

          Are you talking about the Safe Title Margin & Safe Action Margin lines ?





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            Jarliei Level 1

            I did not know that's what it is called, so I say yes.

            it seems as some kind of a template, but what for?

            I was able to exceed all it's parameters by movements of the handles, which make me think that it is not a template.

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              Those are the safe zones when making you video for the TV


              TV's are not all the same size so these zones are there to make sure you keep your important stuff inside it so most people will be able to see it.


              If you ever watch something and the text goes off screen you know they went to far and that is why.


              If you are doing web content then you can turn it off and use the full screen.




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                As a fun experiment I would take photoshop and draw those lines and place them in some test video to see how they showed up on my TV's.


                My Plasma HD TV showed almost all but my old TV cut away allot.




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                  Jarliei Level 1

                  How did you get this spify looking 3D inner frame?

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                    Jarliei Level 1

                    re safe zones - ok, they are an indication rathsome kind of a template

                    er then a restrictive border?

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                      Jarliei Level 1

                      Garbled typing, sorry

                      re safe zone - ok, so they are an indication template rather then a restrictive border?

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                        yes, there just there for a reference so your video shows correctly.


                        the gray checker pattern is just what shows up when you uncheck the background.


                        If you click the little EYE with the video button it turns off the background and this will show.


                        If you dont like the lines showing you can turn them off by unchecking them.


                        Are you making videos for TV or for the internet ?


                        There there only for TV's





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                          My old TV would not show anything outside the Action Safe line so if I put something there nobody would see it on a TV like my old one.




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                            Jarliei Level 1

                            Ok, I got it.

                            yes I am editing it all for TV, these are family footage's shot over the last 45 years. I can not specify a TV system for viewing as my doughter have an old B&W CRT due to the fact that man kind have not resolved the issue of Landfills and as such she will not dispose of it. My middle son has the "latest" model CRT (colour thanks haven!) and he will keep it untill the TV will cark it so as to save on the green gas or something that are emited during TV manufacturing ( hmm?) my youngest son is still bending my ear for an advance on his inheritance so he can refurnish his household and buy a 60" plasma TV and I say bugger it all, I have a beutifull B&O plasma TV and enjoyeing every minute of it.

                            So I would not have a clue which TV system I should consider when I edit these footage. I just do it.

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                              Jarliei Level 1

                              and the spify frame?

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                                Since your going for TV then I would say just stay within the Title Safe Area and you will be fine.


                                ENjoy:  GLenn

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                                  what 3D frame ?


                                  are you talking about the checker pattern ?




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                                    the_wine_snob Level 9

                                    In PS, one can get those "Guides" by going to Image>New (Ctrl+N), and then choosing the NTSC 720 x 480 Standard w/ Guides (or other, depending on where one is located, and on the Project's Preset). Then, use the Pen Tool to create a Path over those Guides, and Stroke those Paths, with say the Pencil and 3 pixels. Use a bright color for the Stroke, so you can clearly see where the Guides are. I'd use red for one, and blue for the other. Save_As PSD and Import that into PrPro. Now, Export to the desired format/author a DVD, and display on the TV's. See where the Stroked Guides display.


                                    The outer is the Action Safe Area, and the inner is the Title Safe Area.


                                    These will become a little less relevant over time, as flat panel TV's replace CRT's. There still might be some overscan, but it will diminish over what it once was.



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                                      Ann Bens Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                                      I think he means the two margins

                                      makes it look like its 3D. Does on mine too.

                                      But when you enlarge the screendump its gone.



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                                        the_wine_snob Level 9

                                        Yes, the thumbnail of GLenn's image DOES have an embossed look. The expanded view does not. Neat!!!!



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                                          I'd certainly like an advance on that inheritence as well. My next project needs some serious funding.




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                                            Jarliei Level 1

                                            You are talking to the wrong person....

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                                              Jarliei Level 1

                                              Ann / Bill

                                              thanks, so I guess I'll be wasting my time creating it. thanks again.

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                                                Jarliei Level 1


                                                re your post #15.

                                                Unlike post #1, the attached image does not respond.

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                                                  the_wine_snob Level 9

                                                  Well, you could create a rectangular Shape, with no Fill and a small Stroke. Then, add a Drop Shadow to it.



                                                  No, the Drop Shadow did not do it. In PS, one could Emboss, but unless CS5's Titler has added some Styles, not sure how to do it in Titler. Will play around a bit, and see what I come up with.




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                                                    Jarliei Level 1

                                                    I'll try; I first thought it was a template, hence my question.

                                                    Talking of which, in addition to those furnished with PP, are there anywhere Title templates available for downloading?

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                                                      Jarliei Level 1


                                                      re title templates.

                                                      PP has a great collection of spiffy titles which in style and design, are relevant to 2010.

                                                      But what about say movies shot in the 40’s? maybe a Movitone type Title?

                                                      The 50’s – maybe the Title should be relevant to say the then high world political tension?

                                                      The 70’s – Technology?

                                                      The 80’s - World economical stability?

                                                      The 90’s – beginning of the computer era?

                                                      The Naughty’s – WFC?

                                                      Or others.

                                                      Note that I did not mention the 60’s, as I was there I don’t remember it.

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                                                        the_wine_snob Level 9

                                                        There are probably sources of such Titles, but I do not know them.


                                                        Probably the easiest way to come by them is to create them. While Tilter is a powerful little program, Photoshop would be unlimited. The general designs could come from studying the ads of a particular era, or of a genre. As one reflects on the graphic arts of each era/genre, certain design elements will start to show up more often. Treatments will reflect that place in time.


                                                        If I run across a collection of PRTL (PrPro's Title Templates), I will share the links.


                                                        Good luck,