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    Tip for those with ADS Pyro Link crashing

    .357 Level 1

      I have 2 ADS converters and have used them for 6 years now. I have had lots of problems with "exporting to tape" especially after exporting to burn to a DVD player/recorder. It seems to me that the converters overheat and I have come up with a cure for most of these crashes. I use a "chemical ice pack" placed on a towel on top of the converter. This, at least in my case, has greatly reduced crashes. Hope this works for you!  Also, for some reason, I have to replace my Belkin firewire card every 11-12 months like clockwork. Belkin has a lifetime warranty but this is still a hassle. I have tried other cards like Startech and while most of them work just fine with camcorder upload they will not work at all with the ADS converters on"export to tape and I don't get the "connect tone".  Why I get this repeated firewire card failure is a mystery to me but it appears that ADS puts "quite a load" on the card causing early failure. Maybe I am alone on this for some unknown reason. has anyone else had this problem? As I have stated many times over in this Forum, if anyone has unusual problems it will be me. If anyone gets a defective product it will be me.