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    Highlight Text tool not enabled

    rsharma_champ_81 Level 1



      I downloaded some open XML specification PDF/A documents (PDF version 1.4, created using MS office word 2007) from w3c website. I wanted to use the text highlighter tool to highlight the important portions so that I can refer to them later quickly but found that the tool is disabled. I even tried converting the PDF to a newer version (1.6, 1.7) and to PDF/X etc. but nothing helped.

      When I see the Security Method it says "No Security" and everything (printing, editing, commenting) is "Allowed".

      I don;t know how to enable the tool. Other editing related tools are also disabled (Text edit, Add Sticky note etc. )


      Is this document protected, if yes then why is it saying "No Security", and is there a way to unprotect it so that I can highlight the text in it.