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    Project takes a long time to open

      I have 19 projects. One of them takes longer to open each time I open it. Once the project is open, I can work in it just fine. But it also takes forever to generate my primary layout and any of my printed documentation layouts.

      Deleting the .hhc and .xpj files, and then opening the .hhp file fixes the problem. However, opening the project thereafter takes longer and longer (up to 15 minutes) to open and I keep having to delete the .hhc and .xpj files periodically to fix the problem.

      None of my other projects has this problem. What could be causing this project to growwwwwww?
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          I had a similar problem once - though it didn't continue to grow. The project was adding a whole folder of software into my .chm. It wasn't easy to track down but I have a few questions that might help.

          Do you really need to delete the .hhc file? This is the table of contents. Is it growing? I would think that if this file really needed to be deleted the problem would lie in that file.

          How much does the project (.xpj) grow by? Does the output (.chm or WebHelp folder) also inflate? Watch it in Windows Explorer. This change in size might help you locate the extra files.

          Good luck.

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            Compare the project .cpd file size with that of the others. I had a similar problem last year where the .cpd file was too large.

            Close the project, delete the .cpd file, then open the project again. This will result in RH creating a new .cpd file.

            Hope this helps,