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    Transfer tags from Photoshop Album Starter Edition to other Photoshop products?


      Here's a scenario for you, which might require some expert advise:


      We have a database (on a network server) with ~6000 pictures which are extensively tagged using Photoshop Album Starter Edition 3.0 installed on a client PC. The client PC had to be swapped out, so I installed a new PC with Photoshop Album Starter Edition 3.0, and moved the tag database (....\All Users\bla bla bla) from the old to the new PC. Now, when I start Photoshop Album Starter Edition, I can see that the software has found my images and tags, but the software displays a pop-up asking for an unlock-code, and I cannot get past this popup.  When registering using the form in the popup, I receive an email from Adobe saying that the product is discontinued and cannot be used anymore. I have Googled like a maniac to find unlock codes, but when entering such codes in the unlock code window, the "unlock"-button stays disabled, so I am not able to start the software to access our image- and tags database.


      So I wonder:


      1) Is it possible to unlock the software and continue using it?

      2) Does any other version/variant of Adobe Photoshop allow import of the tags database from Photoshop Album Starter Edition?


      Looking forward to your clever ideas on this one.


      With kind regards