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    Edit on NAS?


      Some of these NAS are able to perform pretty fast read and write speeds, but is it possible to edit video on it from single workstation? Anyone tried this or is it just a bad idea?

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          Harm Millaard Level 7

          It works, albeit slowly when compared to a local raid. Things improve somewhat with teamed NIC's, but are no comparison to local drives.

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            Bantheboy Level 1

            Alright, thanks for your answer!  One thing I can't understand though is the claimed speed for example on synology 411+. On their productpage they write 112.99 MB/sec Reading 106.91 MB/sec Writing. Of course these numbers comes from the company itself, probably tests performed in perfect conditions, but even if you reach 90 MB/sec wouldn't that be on par with a local esata disc? I'm confussed!

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              Harm Millaard Level 7

              Traffic goes over a NIC or even dual NIC's, so there is Windows overhead. How much that will decrease effective (HDTach like) transfer speeds I do not know, at least in relation to their claimed speeds, but although I can edit over ethernet, it is significantly slower than from a local disk and no comparison to a 700 MB/s+ raid transfer rate, in optimal condition even 840+ MB/s.

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                Bantheboy Level 1

                640mb/s? Damn! Right now I'm using an external esata raid0 drive and I can only reach around 80mb/s. Can I get a a short description of what kind of gear you are using?

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                  Harm Millaard Level 7

                  HD Tach E.jpg


                  This is my 12 x 1 TB Raid30 project/media disk. I have a separate Raid0 for pagefile and media cache and some more disks.




                  It is a bit dated, but should give you an idea.

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                    ECBowen Most Valuable Participant

                    Yes you can edit HD codecs with compression on NAS/SAN units. The max bandwidth per Gbit channel is about 120MB/s. I have atleast 1 major client who uses the Synology units and loves them. Their reports for speed are accurate according to my client. If you get a NAS/SAN unit with dual nic that supports load balancing then you can double the transfer speed of the unit provided the client system has dual nic's that also support load balancing. It can be more expensive than a direct attached storage though which is faster. That is why most use them for archive and shared client studio's. I am currently trying to get together the hardware to test a specific storage unit with 10GBase-T since Intel is launching a new adapter. I hope to get that done next month. The speed available on 10Gbit would exceed the speed of the drives in a raid and also most Direct Attached Storage units. I will post about it when I can make that happen and get testing results.