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    Awfull Movement Distortion

    OzHP Level 1

      Hello can you help me please?


      I'm running CS5. I've hooked up my old Panasonic NVGS10 to capture some footage I need for a project but the capture quality is terrible. Any movement is covered by horizontal movement lines against any edges. It's the same when the camera pans (e.g. door edges have these lines all the way down).


      I'm in PAL country. I set my capture format to DV standard and I'm using Mercury Playback Engine Acceleration. Device control has been set PAL and Panasonic. The device type is difficult as the NVGS10 isn't on the list (I've tried a couple of "Alternates" with no success).


      Is there anything obvious I'm doing wrong? When I had the CS4 trial version last year, I just hooked up and the image seemed OK.