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    Does anyone know about programming in flex 4.1 (or 4.5) for android tablets (vs mobile).

    Felipe Aramburu

      We have a solution built in Flex 3.5 and we are interested in making our application work on android devices. I know in order to have our application run on android we have to move up to flex 4.1 and here it is (not recommended).


      Is it not recommended because they are assuming that the flex 4.1 ui components aren't optimized for mobile devices? Does this include tablets? It seems that given the fact that a tablet has  much more real estate than say an android smartphone, that the flex 4.1 components should be fine for porting a windows tablet application to android.


      That being said I am not aware of the features that Hero (4.5) will be offering in order to see if it would be beneficial to wait until its release before making a decision on how to port to android tablets (and the ipad with the adobe ios packager perhaps). http://labs.adobe.com/technologies/flex/mobile/