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    Best Premiere sequence type for image sequences

    Andy Bay Level 1



      Lately I have been working a lot with intermediate image sequences and I'm looking for ways to improve performance.


      The original footage is DVCProHD 1080p and when put it in a sequence created with the preset for that, everything runs very smoothly. But when I bring in intermediate files that were created with the same resolution, but that use PNG, Targa or Tiff instead, rendering becomes very sluggish. That makes me wonder if there maybe is a better sequence preset that I could use for playback of these image sequences? Or does the sequence preset even make a difference here?


      Also, I think there are differences with the rendering speeds of different image sequence formats and that's why I'm asking which ones you guys prefer? I liked PNG because the file sizes are so small compared to TIFF or Targa, but (if I'm not imagining things) the render times seems to increase with PNG.


      I welcome any discussion on the subject!

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          With image sequences, probably the biggest thing to address is the pixel x pixel sizes of the stills. For maximum performance (and quality in my book), I like to have those Scaled to match the Frame Size of the Project Sequence. The PNG format should be just fine, but size DOES matter. What are the pixel x pixel dimensions of your stills?


          I do a lot of work with stills, but not usually in image sequences. For my work, I usually just leave the stills as PSD's, and never have any issues. These are Scaled to the Project, or only slightly larger (when I need to Pan on a Zoomed out image), and my Scaling is always done in Photoshop, prior to Import.


          Good luck,



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            Andy Bay Level 1

            Thanks for your input.


            I mean intermediate lossless image sequences, that use the exact pixel dimensions of my original 1080p footage. So there is no scaling involved. I'm just wondering if there are other factors that matter when choosing sequence presets? Like is Premiere somehow able to optimize the performance for AVCHD when I use and AVCHD preset or for DvcProHD when I use a preset for that? Or is the only thing that matters when choosing sequence presets simply the resolution and not the actual codec of the format?

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              the_wine_snob Level 9



              Sorry. Had not picked that up, but on re-reading, I see that you mentioned that, and I just missed it.


              Do not know why you are experiencing the slowdown there. Maybe others can offer something useful.


              Good luck,



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                shooternz Level 6

                I work a lot with image sequences supplied from various sources.


                I always convert them to a "movie" in AEFX and never use the seq. image files in PPRO.


                I use an AEFX Comp that matches my PPRO Project (usually 720p).


                I export it as an intermediate but you could DL the comp.