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    Artwork Distortion

    Art_Of_WAR Level 1

      I have a simple piece of art created in Illustrator CS5 that consistently distorts either on import or copy and paste.

      Anyone know why this is happening? It's just a series of circles.

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          preditorj40153117 Level 1

          Do you have a before and after picture and more detail on the distortion?

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            Art_Of_WAR Level 1

            Screen Grabs of each

            AI File.jpg Illustrator file

            FC File.jpg Catalyst file

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              preditorj40153117 Level 1

              In the AI image the left arm has 2.5 circles.

              in the FC image the left arm has 3.8 circles and its the most warped.


              Is it possible that you are exporting the full canvas and not just the art board?

              Are u using picas, points or pixels in AI?


              I had some cropping issues with FC before and it was changing size in FC from AI and PS. No warping though.

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                Art_Of_WAR Level 1

                I tried a number of different options. Opening the AI file. Creating a new and pasting the art. Grouping, ungrouping.

                I tried a new web and print document from AI, have to confess the units are millimetres. Didn't change those.

                What is interesting is the art consistently distorts, regardless of whatever I do.


                FYI; I was not consistent with the size of the screen grab, as in supremely accurate with dimensions.

                I posted as is because it shows the distortion. Nothing to be read into the shape and size of the grabs.



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                  preditorj40153117 Level 1

                  I have tried every screwy scenario i could to re-create that but i can't. Even mm as the measurement.


                  The only other thing i could suggest is for you to try sending it to ps > save it and then pull that into FC. PS handles the image differently. And maybe it not being a vector composition could help.


                  Here are the maximums for FC.


                  Maximum bitmap image size: 2048px x 2048px

                  Maximum total allowed pixel count: 20 million pixels

                  Maximum total allowed object count: 6500 objects

                  Maximum file size: 40MB


                  I wouldn't trust the 40mb. I would stay within 30mb if possible. Pixel size might be your culprit.


                  This isnt scientific fact for sure but......


                  IMHO, A vector image is all sizes and normally the largest size possible when you open it in a program. Meaning if you open it in preview or ps it will go to the largest possible size your screen or interface can handle.  meaning more than 2048 on my 30" 2k res monitor.


                  So as a semi-blind guess, if you open the AI file in PS and specify the size you will be able to constraining it below the max (like 10% less). when you save it, it may show PS vector as the save type. Just change it to plain ole' Photoshop creating a psd. (use save as and keep the layers and color profile checked)


                  See how FC likes that file.

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                    Art_Of_WAR Level 1

                    The idea was to use this graphic in a similar way to the Terry White tutorial here: http://terrywhite.com/techblog/archives/5693

                    Unfortunately, the deadline has passed and I was able to work with storyboards. But it doesn't bode well if a simple artwork import from Illustrator is not working. I have never had such an issue with anything else before and now have to investigate what is going wrong when I have some time.


                    I appreciate your suggestions and you taking the time to reply. Thank you.



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                      Chris W. Griffith Adobe Community Professional

                      Have you sent the file to anyone on the FC team? You can upload your graphic into the forum, and they might have a chance to look at the issue.


                      Was the file made with CS4 or CS5? There might be issues using CS4. One other thing to note, in CS5, there is an option for a Flash Catalyst template, did you use that template. It might be worth testing that option. I know the deadline passed, but might be good to understand the why.



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                        Art_Of_WAR Level 1

                        Chris, I have posted it here. The file was created in CS5.

                        I will test it myself over the coming days, I'll try the template you suggest also.

                        Been a bit busy so I haven't had the chance to work more on it.

                        I reckon that whatever it is, I'm going to have to find a workaround because Open, Import, etc aren't working.

                        And it seems that I'm not the only one with a similar issue.