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    project-wide search in CS5?

    tedalde2 Level 2

      I'm pretty sure this feature doesn't exist (I just looked), but is there Flash IDE project-wide Actionscript search? The Flash IDE might be a tolerable AS3 code editor if this feature was available, now that code-hinting/intellisense is better in CS5.

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          funkysoul Level 4

          Have you already tried to use the Find & Replace Feature? It's not only for replacement but also for searching of multiple types of elements. including actionscript. If you want to search inherited classes then I don't think that will work. Then you should rather switch to Flash Builder or Eclipse..

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            tedalde2 Level 2

            Yeah, "Find and Replace" would be the logical place for it, but it only applies to the current FLA document, not all classes. I've been using a different 3d party tool for Visual Studio (which has project-wide search), but that has its own funkiness. I've tried trials of FB and Ecllipse plugins too, but I'm not used to working there.