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    Problem: Unable to get Flash Media Live Encoder output in AIR NativeProcess


      I'm having an issue interacting with the command line Flash Media Live Encoder 3.1 (FMLECmd) via AIR NativeProcess. I'm not sure if the issue lies with FMLE or with AIR.


      When starting the NativeProcess I am displaying the data from standard output to a text window and I get the Adobe copyright message and if I receive an error (for example loading a bad profile) I get all the data from standard output as you would expect.


      However, when I successfully start encoding, all I get is the copyright message and nothing else. I don't receive any of the text afterwards with information about the stream, settings, and the NetConnection/NetStream status messages.


      If I open a command window and then issue a FMLECmd.exe /s command to stop the stream, I then see all of the status messages sent to my AIR app and it displays everything properly, and also displays that the session is closed as expected. It's almost as if issuing another command flushes the standard output buffer.


      I've tried issuing another command via NativeProcess in the AIR app (/h or /s in the example above just to see if that would flush the buffer to get the status messages), but that didn't seem to work.


      So it appears either FMLE is not sending that data properly as it should to be recognized, perhaps holding it in the buffer, or AIR is not receiving it properly.