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    Troubleshooting Styles: css not applied to some topics

    AURORAxmp Level 1

      i am using RB8 HTML.  i am not skilled with html code and use the 'design' view for most of my work.


      i recently made some color changes to a style (background color) in the default.css however it does not apply the change to all topics.  when i use the 'html' view to compare topics with the old color to topics with the new color, there appears to be a lot of baggage at the beginning of the code (highlighted in yellow) for all the various styles.  the old color is in there.


      other info:

      -an FAR tool i am using is finding 2168 occurrences in 724 files for the defined old color, but doesnt always acknowledge the surrounding html code.  i had used the FAR to delete some of them already, but i am more concerned about why some topics have a lot of this style definition within the topic and some dont.

      -i dont know if this is helpful, but some of these files were probably originally created using RBx5.  i inherited the files, so i have no idea how they were originally created.