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    PlayMod Prefs


      Hi Zac,


      I have a question again about using playGetFilePrefs() and playSetFilePrefs() properly in the context of having both a source monitor and a program monitor running. If both the source and program monitors are set to use our playmod for playback, is it possible to have each monitor set to a different configuration? Or, as I am fairly certain this is possible, a more appropriate thing to ask is - what is the best way to accomplish this?


      When playGetFilePrefs() is called and our dialog box is launched and dismissed, we are ending playGetFilePrefs() with a return of 'playmod_BroadcastPrefs', which in turn gets followed by calls to playSetFilePrefs(), which seems to get called once for each playmod instance that exists - thus, if both source and program monitors are open and using our playmod for playback, playSetFilePrefs() gets called twice.


      I assume in the dialog box we launch for the purpose of the user configuring playback prefs that we should have options for both source and monitor playback (as well as the others we support - secondary display program monitor, sdi output, etc). However as we have only one version of a dialog box that gets called via one call to playGetFilePrefs(), we need to be able to differentiate in the ensuing calls to playSetFilePrefs() which player (either source or program) is associated with the particular call to playSetFilePrefs(). I assume we should have attributed to the controls on our dialog a playID value which tells if the control is for the source monitor or the program monitor, however how and where do we find out what is the playID of the player attributed to the source monitor (if there is one open) and what is the playID of the player attributed to the program monitor (if there is one) so that we can make sense of the information we are pulling from our playback settings dialog session?


      Thanks as always,



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          Zac Lam Adobe Employee

          Hi Josh,


          There's nothing specifically communicated to players to distinguish between instances used for the Source Monitor and ones used for the Program Monitor.  Maybe you could describe a scenario where the user would want separate player settings for each?





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            jbodinet Level 1

            Hi Zac,


            For our purposes our playmod is used primarily for different types of 3D playback (horizontal or vertical interlaced for passive 3D monitors, Quadbuffered OpenGL for active 3D monitors or Dual Link NVIDIA SDI) - however we do also provide our own 2D playback, as well. Additionally, we support the outputting of the program monitor preview to external monitors via any of the aforementioned configurations. It seems possible that a user would want a different configuration of the above for the source and program monitor(s) - especially as 3D playback can get dodgy on machines of relatively lower processing power. Also, as there is a major visual difference between any of the above configurations, it comes as a bit of a surprise, even to me, when changing the Playback Settings… and all of the monitors jump to a different view, especially when launching the Playback Settings… dialog window from the 'Output' drop-down menu located on the panel of each individual monitor.


            However, the main issue that motivated the original post is with regard to also supporting the optional output of the program monitor image to a window on a secondary monitor. Things can get really weird when the source monitor comes up and is using our playmod - largely with regard to what is going out to this secondary monitor and how certain one can be about pulling down the window from the second monitor once the source monitor has been launched. As all configuration settings are sent to all playmods in the call to playSetFilePrefs() any external monitors on which playback has been utilized seem to be major recipients of potentially wonky behavior.


            If there was some way of determining what settings from a Playback Settings dialog session are to go to the playmod instance of the source monitor and what settings are to go to the playmod instance of the program monitor, it seems like one could be a lot more deterministic about behavior, especially in the context of supporting external monitors. Currently it seems that when an external monitor is configured that the playmods that are being used for source and program are competing in some way, and that makes for more difficult state management with regard to what to show when on the external monitor.


            Thanks as always,