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    Forbid sending window to front after clicking on it.


      I have application with main window in AIR which is maximized on whole screen and a few "small" windows which are created from Window component (Window was the only option 'cause times to time I need move it out of main application) and live above main app window.

      I would like to have main app window always in the back and all other "small" windows in front of it. The problem is that whenever I click on main window system brings it to the front. So the question is how can I force AIR not to bring newly focused window to the front? I tried to set alwaysInFront=true on each "small" window (Window.NativeWindow.alwaysInFront) which worked but in the end it brought other problems and I didn't really liked the fact that they were always above all other application windows.


      I know that I could use NativeWindow.orderToFront() method and after clicking on main app window send it behind all others but all sent windows into front then blink. Perfect would be to suppress default behaviour and don't let system bring clicked window to front.


      Any idea?