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    Update Video Drivers - CS5


      Hi There,


      I just updated to Production Premium CS5 on the Qosmio X500-Q895S Laptop with Windows 7 Professional (64-bit).

      When I first clicked on Premiere Pro to use for the first time, a window popped up saying that the video drivers needed

      to be updated.  I wasn't online at that moment, so as soon as I logged into the internet, I ran updates for the software &

      everything is up to date.


      I started my video project & the video portion of my videos are not displaying in my project, but my audio is.  The video

      file plays on my computer & within Adobe Bridge.  I have looked at  the file with GSpot & it says that all necessary codecs

      are already installed  on the computer.


      I have already used After Effects on this machine with no challenge,

      & I'm not able to get that original pop up window about the video drivers needing to be updated to come up again.


      How do I update the video drivers for this machine for Premiere to be able to handle them?


      Thanks so much!