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    Get signer details from Document Signatue Field via interactive form


      Hi all,


      We are using Livecycle 7.1 and this is an offline interactive form.

      Basically our form has one input field (free text) that enables user to  type in his/her name and it has a Document Signature Field that enables  user to digitally sign it against our Corp LDAP. When user finishes  filling in the form, the form needs to do a validation to make sure the  name field he or she has entered is the same name as his/her digital  signature name.

      I have checked Adobe Livecycle documents and forums but non of these  places can tell me the attributes and elements available for Document  Signature Field component. I have tried rawValue for example, to try to guess but no luck.

      Could anyone tell me how i can grab the signer's details, importantly name, in javascript? And also could you tell me which event i can use to fulfill this requirement?


      Thanks in advance.