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    difficulty aligning editable regions.


      i have a website that has two different editable regions on the index page, unlike the rest that are connected to a template. the problem i am having is getting both editable regions to automatically be the same height.

      There is a left content area and a right content area. The left content area does not have a whole lot of context in it, however, the right content area does. when i add more content to the right content area, it is already programmed to auto adjust the height, as is the left content area. however, the problem is getting them to essentially link together, so they are both at the same height. rather than having the left side shorter, and the right side the "right" length touching the footer. instead i end up with a gap between the left side and the footer. is there a way to "sync" the left content area up with the right content area so they are always the same height?


      thanks! ...and sorry if i don't have the correct terminology [i'm slightly new at this...]

      i'd really appreciate any help! i run the website for a local boutique and need to get it updated for the weekend's big sale.

      thanks again,