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    SWF works in firefox, not in IE


      Hello. Trying to recode map program to utilise modest map rather than original hand made map routines. Finished up yesterday and had squashed bugs pretty much(annoying flicker issue but that didn't appear on another web browser I figure it's flash/browser related issue). Then I realised I need to try this in IE as well. And it doesn't work...


      Map loads up so modest map code is working. What is NOT working is everything else. It's supposed to track locations and draw arrows to their positions. It doesn't go to where it's supposed to initially. No arrows are drawn. No control buttons from HTML side work. Nothing. Zip.


      Anybody can give any ideas where this could go haywire? I have suspicion it could be the ExternalInterface which works differently on firefox and IE. Could that be reason? If so how does one go detecting what browser I am using and how does one need to take that into account?


      Or is there something else that's different between IE and firefox I need to take into account?


      IE itself only gives rather mystified error message.


      Message: Unspecified error(my translation since original is in Finnish)

      Line: 49

      Column: 5

      Code 0:

      URL: https://my_address.com/center.php


      Funny thing is both php file and output html file is 37 lines long...

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          tneva82_FIN Level 1

          Managed to spot where the error is but can't figure why it's not working.


          In function A we have this:


          request = new URLRequest("https://my_site_com/my_file_.php");
          request.requestHeaders.push(new URLRequestHeader("pragma", "no-cache"));
          request.method = URLRequestMethod.POST;


          variables = new URLVariables();

          variables.s = getSessionIdentifier();


          request.data = variables;


          On function B that will be called when trackerListLoader is finished we have this(as a debug method):




          So we try to send some variables to php file which is supposed to respond with stream of data.


          However the textfield debugText's text doesn't change...


          What gives? Works in firefox but on IE it stops here. No data from php file, program can't process anymore. No surprise it doesn't work.