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    Refresh button does not refresh my Flash website


      I had an issue with my index.html testing on IE and the preloader just stalls on "loading 0%".  Thanks to Kglad, he told me that locally the progress event doesn't have time to load and to try uploading it to your server and see if it works. It worked just fine. Rah Rah Kglad.


      So today I'm fine tuning the swf/ fla to clean it up. Reduced some picture sizes and deleted unused files and reduced the swf from 4000 KB to 350 KB Rah Rah Gene. replaced the swf in Dreamweaver and re-uploaded with Filezilla. Rah ah Filezilla.


      Everything working great and my preload went from 23 seconds to less than 3. So I'm real happy except for one small issue. Firefox and IE both do this. If I hit the refresh button, it stalls on "loading 0%" once again just like it did locally.     Hmmmm.....


      If I hit the refresh several times it WILL refresh randomly....2 times refresh......10 times refresh etc.




      Spoke to my hosting company who said everything seems fine on the server. BTW he said Chrome did NOT have this issue Rah Rah Chrome.


      Any ideas guys and gals ?