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    Help Parsing XML with E4X

      I need help parsing XML using the E4x dot syntax. I am new to AS, but not XML.

      Here is an example:

      <entry dn="cn=testsemail_DEV,cn=Users,dc=xerox,dc=com">
      <attr name="cn">
      <attr name="c">
      <attr name="createtimestamp">

      My questions are this:

      #1. The value <attr> is not unique, and has multiple occurances in a <entry>. How do I get to the one which has the <value>C_TURKEY</value> (or any other conutry value in there) using the dot syntax of E4X?

      #2. How do I loop through the entire XML file counting the occurances of say, C_TURKEY, in this example. If I had 5 in the entire XML file, I would like to have a multi-demsional array or something, where I could store it for proccessing in the application.

      Thanks in advance,